Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bahamas Wedding Requirements - How To Get A Marriage License In The Bahamas

Couples from around the world are finding out that there is no place like the Bahamas for a  dream destination wedding.  As it provides just the perfect blend of sand - sun - sea and natural scenic beauty for any style wedding ceremony desired.

And with the required Bahamian marriage license your marriage in the Bahamas is legally recognized anywhere you happen to reside in the world. So here is how to met the Bahamas wedding requirements to get your marriage license in the Bahamas.
  1. Get your passport and travel to the Bahamas. You can enter the Bahamas without a passport but you may not be able to get back home. So be sure that you don’t leave without it.
  2. Satisfy the Bahamas’ residency requirement of 24 hours before applying for your marriage license. And both of you must be in the Bahamas for this period of time and at the time of application. This is easily done by providing a copy of your immigration card if arriving by air and a letter from your ship captain if by sea.
  3. Provide satisfactory proof that you are who you say you are. A photograph identification issued by your country of residence like a passport or driver license is usually sufficient.  
  4. Provide satisfactory proof that you qualify for marriage. To get married in the Bahamas you must be at least age 18 and either single, divorced or widowed. And you must have the appropriate official document to prove your status. If you are single then an “affidavit” by a notary public  or other person authorized to administer oaths in the Bahamas certifying this is acceptable.  United Kingdom and Canada applicants may bring affidavits from their respective countries. And U.S. residence can get an affidavit at the American Embassy in Nassau.
  5. Visit the Registrar General office located in the Apsley House - #75 Frederick Street, Nassau any business day between 9:30am and 4:00pm and make your application. Remember both of you must be present in order to make the application and you must have all your required documents and photograph identification.
  6. Pay the Government's required marriage license fees of $100.00.
  7. Pick up your marriage license the following day. Once issued your marriage license is valid for three month.
Now that you have met the Bahamas wedding requirements, there is no question who will be the wedding officiant at your wedding ceremony in the Bahamas. 

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