Monday, June 28, 2010

Ben & Jerry’s Atlantis Video Contest Helps Charities In The Bahamas

Ben & Jerry Atlantis Video Contest

I just couldn’t help myself when I saw the Ben & Jerry’s Atlantis promotion.  I had to share this with you as it is a way that you can help me help two charities in the Bahamas and its all a really simple…

You see Ben & Jerry’s International is running a promotion amongst its outlets world wide and the outlet that wins gets to give a cash donation to two charities of its choice.

The Ben & Jerry’s Atlantis outlet located at Atlantis’ Marina Village on Paradise Island has selected the Ranfurly Home for Children and the Ministry of Sports & Culture’s  Junior Junkanoo.

The Ranfurly Home for Children is a home that provides shelter for young children that do not have families or homes and while this organization has been around for more than 40 years it is being challenged this year because of the soft economy and faces the possibility of closure. Resulting in these young children having to seek alternate shelter which really do not exist.

So they are really in direr need of your help.   Ben & Jerry Atlantis Video Contest

And all you have to do to help is watch this video Ben & Jerry Atlantis Video Contest and encourage your family and friends to do the same. As the Ben & Jerry’s outlet that get the most view wins the competition.

So go ahead and watch the video Ben & Jerry Atlantis Video Contest and help the Ranfurly Home for Children.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bahamas Destination Wedding Savings- Instant $200 Air Credit Plus A Free Night!

If you are thinking about having your destination wedding and honeymoon in the Bahamas and have not finalized your plans as yet,  you now have an excellent opportunity to reduce the cost and give you and your guest some extra time in the tropical paradise of the Caribbean.

As the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is once again making getting to the islands of the Bahamas more affordable than ever.

Now through August 13th, 2010 you can book a 4-night air-inclusive vacation stay at one of the participating hotels in their promotion and receive a $200 Instant Air Credit per room booked PLUS get a 3rd, 4th, or 5th Night Free (or its equivalent)!

Get Instant $200 Air Credit Offer Details Here.

  1. And the good news is that you are not limited to New Providence as participating hotels are located on a number of the Out Islands as well.  
  2. So if you are looking for that laid back country-club atmosphere. And the opportunity to get in some golfing while you honeymoon then Grand Bahamas Island may be your choice.
  3. Or if you prefer to be boating, fishing and diving in quaint, island villages then its Abaco you looking for.
  4. Then maybe its pink sandy beaches with world-class diving, snorkeling and fishing. Then Cat Island with its 50 miles of lush rolling hills and miles of nature trails in their native setting, you truly want to experience Cat Island.
  5. And if its crystal clear, sun warm waters you are looking for then the beautiful water of Exuma are calling you to a peaceful and relaxing time of sailing, snorkeling and diving along its many islands rocks and cays.
So get your bags packed and head down south to the Islands of the Bahamas as any of these island would be the perfect location for your destination wedding in Bahamas and honeymoon. And for having your best Bahamas wedding that your guest will be talking about for years to come!

Get Instant $200 Air Credit Offer Details Here.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Father of the Bride - A Reflection for this Father’s Day

There is no one as special to a bride on her wedding day as her father. And although he would  have been involved with the events leading up to this special day, the actual wedding day is the crowning moment for both bride and father of the bride.

On her wedding day, I am sure that the bride is experiencing a range of emotions but these are quickly steadied by the reassuring presence of her father as he performs his role of being her  confident and close companion on her travel to the wedding ceremony and accompanying her down the aisle as father giver.

And for the father of the bride, he gets the opportunity to see his little girl grow up into the beautiful lady that he is now so very proud off but must now give to another as she starts her own journey of being for her husband what her mother has been for him - a rock and pillar of strength.

There is no question that as the Father of the bride is proud of his little girl that has now grown into a beautiful young lady. The bride on this her wedding day is equally as proud as she spent  very intimate moments with the man who was there through the years with compassion, understanding, support  and love that has now made this day possible.

While the role that the father of the bride performs may varies from wedding to wedding, his role and responsibility in the life of his daughter is unquestionably to prepare her for her wedding day. To be apart of her life - the ups and downs, the teaching, disciplining, the dance lessons and bedtime stories.

It is not just writing the cheques for the wedding and showing up to walk her down the aisle. It is about  being there and being willing to set a good example in raising a child that would be proud of you for teaching her what a real man should be.  A man who has been to her mother what she wishes her husband to be to her.

So fathers as we celebrate this Father’s Day, let it not be just the commercialized event it has become with more than 9.8 billion dollars being spent annually on gifts. But focus on what you can contribute to the world by being the father your daughter deserve to share her wedding day - and with fond memories and gratitude during her father-daughter dance with you at her reception.

It is not easy being a good father of the bride, but then again it is not easy being a good father. The good news is that you now have the opportunity to be the best father you possibly can!.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Destination Weddings in Bahamas - The Bahamas Out Islands - Your Ultimate Summer Getaway For Your Best Bahamas Wedding

Ken McAlpine in his article entitled "Destination Summer" on the website Celebrated Living give his take on five idyllic summer getaway and listed The Bahamas Out Islands as one of them.

While I thanks Ken for  mentioning the Out Islands and his effort to show their diverseness I must say that these Islands gives you much more than five idyllic summer getaways by themselves as there are more than 600 island besides New Providence and Grand Bahamas making up the Islands of The Bahamas - each with its own unique character and opportunity to excite and thrill you this summer.

And when you think about destination weddings in Bahamas, the Out Islands are not to be overlooked as they give you the perfect opportunity for your Bahamas honeymoon wedding. And your best Bahamas wedding.

So here are my list of five Bahamas Out Islands that you may want to include in your itinerary this summer.   
  1. Andros Island, the largest of the island and the bone fishing capital of the Bahamas.
  2. Great Inagua Island - and all I can say is it is the best kept secret in the Bahamas
  3. Long Island, her you will find Cape Santa Maria Beach which has been recognized by beach lovers and travel writers as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 
  4. Eleuthera - the place where you can fill your toes with powdery pink sand.
  5. Bimini- with the reopening of the Big Game resort this island is definitely regaining its prominence as the place for big game fishing.
  6. Exuma - you simply can not find any place else with the boating experience you will get here.
You would have notice my list is six and not five that shows you just how difficult making your choice will be. And all of these island would be the perfect location for your destination wedding in Bahamas, on the beach. And for having your best Bahamas wedding!

Glenn S. Ferguson is your Bahamas Wedding Officiant at Wedding Bahamas Style - Helping You To Create Your Memorable Bahamas Wedding. Just email any question you may have to or