Friday, November 27, 2009

Win a Sandals Wedding by Martha Stewart

Last Friday on a special destination wedding-themed episode of ‘The Martha Stewart Show,’ host Martha Stewart and editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings, Darcy Miller, announced the “Sandals Wedding by Martha Stewart(TM) Fantasy Nuptials” contest.

The grand prize winner, will be announced on ‘The Martha Stewart Show’ on February 11. The prize package includes a customized destination dream wedding created by Martha Stewart’s team at Sandals Emerald Bay, Great Exuma, Bahamas.

The package also includes a 6 day/5 night Luxury Included® stay for the lucky bride and groom at Sandals Emerald Bay; a 4 day/3 night Luxury Included® stay for 10 guests at Sandals Emerald Bay; plus, round trip airfare for the bride and groom, as well as all 10 guests.

The winning couple’s wedding will be filmed and featured on ‘The Martha Stewart Show’ and in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.

The contest runs through January 20, 2010, to enter you can go to MarthaStewartWeddings and submit a 90-second video explaining why you should win a customized Sandals Wedding by Martha Stewart™.

Along with this promotion, Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts is pairing with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. to offer six new and exclusive wedding themes at any of their 18 Luxury Included® Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts across the Caribbean.

Good luck!
And should you have questions about your wedding in the Bahamas just email our Bahamas wedding planner or call us 1-242-327-2453 and we'd be happy to help.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cold Feet: What do those pre-wedding jitters really mean?

Cold Feet - pre-wedding jitters - bridal nerves. Call it what you what you will, most brides and grooms are nervous before a wedding. If you're feeling cold feet, try to relax and explore your feelings. Figuring out what's behind them will either lead you to a stronger and healthier marriage or save you from making a giant mistake. Either way, the time to deal with cold feet is now.

The Difference Between Cold Feet and Serious Problems:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rings have been exchanged as a depiction of the bond of wedding for so long, and in such a big amount of different cultures, the origin of the practice is obscure.

Definitely , the circle of a ring represents perpetual love and the continually replenished promises of the married couple. The circle also talks to the repeated round of the heavens, as well as the never-ending return of the seasons, marked by cyclical ritual and party.

Additionally, the circle in rock art, holy stone arrays, and astrology represents both the Sun and the Moon, themselves astrological and alchemical symbols for the masculine and female facets of the cosmos.

The widespread custom of embellishing the plain gold or silver marriage band with numerous designs and patterns has been known since at least seven hundred AD, in both Pan-Hellenic and Celtic cultures.

Our Bahamas wedding planner would be happy to help you with any questions you may have about having your wedding in the Bahamas

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Forget About Financial Planning

Don't forget... lay your financial cards on the table! Among young couples, this often involves the subject of debt, particularly college loans and credit cards. Get a copy of your credit reports, see if they are accurate and share them with one another. discuss your views on money and investing. Are you a spender, a saver or a hoarder? Does the stock market scare you or excite you? Do you enjoy handling the day-to-day finances like paying bills and balancing the checkbook? think about your financial goals and dreams. Retirement may be a long way off, but one of you may have plans to retire sooner than the other. Think about raising children and paying for their education, child allowances and childcare. consider talking with a financial planner. Not only can the planner help you discuss financial issues in a comfortable setting, but also the planner can offer advice on such issues as the combining of finances where debt or lopsided wealth is involved.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Breast cancer in The Bahamas

Breast cancer is the leading cause of both cancer illness and cancer related death amongst Bahamian women. With more than 120 news cases of breast cancer diagnosed annually and more than 1,530 women affected by the disease.

Breast cancer has been described as the most "lethal form of cancer in the world" and it is expected that by 2020 - 70% of all cases will be in developing countries. And in the Bahamas a unique genetic abnormality has predisposed Bahamian women to this disease at an early age with 34 percent of those diagnosed age 44 or younger- almost three time the rate of that in North America.

Unfortunately, almost 45% of those diagnoses were discovered in the late stages of the disease compared to around 12% in North America.

Early detection and screening can help reduce the incident of this disease so go out this month and get yourself tested and ensure that you spread the word to a many persons as possible. And if you're unable to get yourself professionally screen at lease begins doing your own personal breast examination. Knowing your body is the key to defending yourself against the ravages of breast cancer.

And be sure to make a donation to the Bahamas Cancer Society!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that nearly 1 out of 3 cancer diagnoses among women in the U.S. are breast cancer? Thanks to early detection and treatment, breast cancer mortality rates are decreasing substantially. And we'd like to help by highlighting a few corporate organizations who are helping with the financial weight of the research.

Just to the right are two advertisers that are donating their profits to help battle the cancer war, and you can help simply by purchasing and promoting their products.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding Vows

Your wedding vows are those special words that will marry you to the love of life and whether you chose - traditional or non-traditional, religious or secular wedding vows is up to you.

However, if you are getting married in a religious setting, check with your officiant as there maybe some specific words that you cannot deviate from. Otherwise, here are some sample for you.

Wedding Vows

1. I, (Bride/Groom), take you (Groom/Bride), to be my (wife/husband), to have and to hold
from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

2. I, (name), take you, (name), to be my [opt: lawfully wedded] (husband/wife), my constant
friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our
family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in
health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow.

I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you,
to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.

3. I (name), take you (name) to be my (husband/wife), my partner in life and my one true love.
I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you
and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and
bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my
love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.

In the presence of God and these our friends I take thee to be my husband/wife, promising
with Divine assistance to be unto thee a loving and faithful husband/wife so long as we both
shall live.

4. I, (name), take you, (name), to be my friend, my lover, the (mother/father) of my children and
my (husband/wife). I will be yours in times of plenty and in times of want, in times of sickness
and in times of health, in times of joy and in times of sorrow, in times of failure and in times of
triumph. I promise to cherish and respect you, to care and protect you, to comfort and
encourage you, and stay with you, for all eternity.

5. I, [name], choose you [name] to be my [husband/wife], to respect you in your successes and
in your failures, to care for you in sickness and in health, to nurture you, and to grow with you
throughout the seasons of life.

6. I, (name), take you, (name), to be my partner, loving what I know of you, and trusting what I
do not yet know. I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the
(man/woman) you will become, and falling in love a little more every day. I promise to love
and cherish you through whatever life may bring us.

Our Bahamas Wedding Planner would be happy to help you with any questions you may have about having your wedding in the Bahamas. Just email or call us at 1-242-327-2453.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

7 Tips To Improve Your Outdoor Wedding

Are you planning to have your wedding outdoors? Well here are 7 tips to keep your guest comfortable and smiling!
  1. If you're borrowing or renting folding chairs be sure and get either plastic or wooden chairs. As metal chairs will get extremely hot in the sun and you don’t want to risk burning your guests.
  2. Be sure to schedule your wedding early in the day to avoid the afternoon heat.
  3. Provide some shade with tent, patio umbrellas, beach umbrellas or parasols.
  4. Get fans, as give away wedding favors. And you can even decide to order paper fans with your monogram or wedding program printed.
  5. Rent outdoor fans and put them on a low setting to keep the noise level down.
  6. Provide water or other beverage when guests arrive. But be sure to stay away from alcoholic drinks as they tend to cause dehydration.
  7. Be sure and have an air conditioned room nearby where guests can retreat if the heat becomes too much for them.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Helping You Plan Your Wedding Day

Finding the right person to marry you is an important decision – after all, that person will have a great influence on the tone of your ceremony.

So you want to make sure that you find someone who is willing to perform the kind of ceremony you are envisioning, or who has a style and belief system similar to your own.

And of course, if you want to make it legal, you'll need to make sure that they are legally able to marry you.

The first most basic thing you (bride or groom) must do is decide if you want a religious or secular ceremony as this will greatly impact will marry you.

For over ten years, I have been helping persons of different faiths and varied life experiences with one of the very special moment of their lives - getting married. Working together with couples to personalize the wedding ceremony that is right for them, from formal and traditional, to contemporary and casual.

Helping them get to choose from a variety of wedding vows or even write their own vows. Incorporating their own traditions and preferences.

And in the Bahamas you can have your ceremony performed on the beach, secluded island, at a garden or church. So whatever your preference, I am flexible and ready to help you make your wedding experience in the Bahamas a memorable one so please contact me to so we can get started on planning your special day!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Have Your Honeymoon Paid For!

That's right you can have your honeymoon for free!

By registering for your honeymoon, you and your partner can get the honeymoon getaway you've always dreamed of.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Ceremony

The processional to the alter differs within each religion and obviously each ceremony site you choose. A typical Christian church processional is as follows: Groom and Best Man at altar – on the right. Processional Is: Ushers two-by-two Bridesmaids two-by-two Maid of Honor (centered) alone Ring Bearer (centered) alone Flower Girl (centered) alone (or with other flower girls) Father of the Bride and Bride (Bride on right arm of Dad) The bride's mother is always seated last and once she is seated no other guests should be seated using the center aisle. It is traditional to have equal number of bridesmaids as you would groomsmen lined up on either side of the alter.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Wedding Rhyme

Married when the year is new, he’ll be loving, kind & true.
When February birds do mate, You wed nor dread your fate.
If you wed when March winds blow, joy and sorrow both you’ll know.
Marry in April when you can, Joy for Maiden & for Man.
Marry in the month of May, and you’ll surely rue the day.
Marry when June roses grow, over land and sea you’ll go.
Those who in July do wed, must labor for their daily bread.
Whoever wed in August be, many a change is sure to see.
Marry in September’s shrine, your living will be rich and fine.
If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry.
If you wed in bleak November, only joys will come, remember.
When December snows fall fast, marry and true love will last.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wedding - Who Pays for What?

It is often difficult to know who pay for what when it come to your planning a modern wedding but here's what happens traditionally!

The Bride:

  • Wedding ring for the Groom
  • Gifts for the Attendants
  • Accommodation for out-of-town Attendants
  • Wedding gift for the Groom
  • Personal Lingerie
  • Bridesmaids luncheon

The Groom:

  • The Bride's rings including the Engagement ring
  • The honeymoon
  • Wedding gift for the bride
  • The marriage license
  • The Groomsmen gifts
  • Accommodation for out-of-town groom's men
  • Brides bouquet
  • Corsages for mothers
  • Boutonnieres for men in wedding party
  • The gloves, ties and accessories for the men in the wedding party
  • Fee for clergyperson or judge

The Groom's Family:

  • Clothing for the Wedding
  • Travel and lodging expenses
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Wedding gift for the newlyweds
  • Getting gifts to the newlyweds home

The Bride's Family:

  • The Engagement Party and announcement
  • All facets of the reception.
  • Bride's attire
  • Invitations, announcements, thank you notes
  • Decorating costs
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Ceremony costs
  • Bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer flowers and accessories
  • Transportation for bridal party on Wedding day from ceremony to reception.
  • All gratuities for all services: parking, security
  • Their own attire
  • Their own travel arrangements to island

The Attendants:

  • Their Wedding clothes
  • Travel expenses
  • Wedding gift for newlyweds

Maid of Honour

  • Wedding shower
  • Hen Night

Best Man

  • Stag Night

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Bahamas

The Islands Of The Bahamas is a 100,000-sq-mile archipelago that extends over 500 miles of the clearest water in the world. 700 islands, including uninhabited cays and large rocks, total an estimated land area of 5,382 sq miles, and register a highest land elevation of 206 ft. Most notable, however, is that each island has it's own diversity that continues beyond geography, carrying through to the heart of The Bahamas, the Bahamian people. These are The Islands Of The Bahamas.

Nassau is the home of the Bahamian national capital, New Providence, and is the bustling hub that traces its heritage back to the shipwrecking days of the legendary pirate Blackbeard. Prized for its sheltered harbour, the city made history and preserved it beautifully in colonial mansions, cathedrals, 18th-century fortresses and a Queen's Staircase whose 66 steps lead to a view not to be missed.

The 685 acres of Paradise Island are connected to the city of Nassau by two 600-foot bridges. The island is developed almost exclusively to accommodate travelers, with resorts, hotels, restaurants, shops, a golf course, an aquarium, and a casino rounding out the amenities.

{Credit: Bahamas Ministry of Tourism}

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bahamas Wedding Requirements - I want to get married in The Bahamas, what are the requirements?

Anyone wishing to be married in the Bahamas would want to know the requirements for getting married in the Bahamas. So here are the Bahamas wedding requirements.

The first requirement is that you must have a "marriage license" from the Registry in order to get married.

A marriage license is valid for three months. After a marriage has taken place, a Marriage Duplicate Register (Form No. 9) is sent to the Registry by the Marriage Officer as quickly as possible. From this document certified copies of marriage certificates are issued.

Here are the other Bahamas wedding requirements that you need to know:
  1. The legal age of marriage in the Bahamas is eighteen (18).
  2. Both parties must be in The Bahamas at the time of the application.
  3. The Bahamas Law states that the couple must be resident in The Bahamas for 24 hours prior to the date of the application.
  4. A Bahamian-issued marriage license is valid for 90 days for those seeking early application. You can write the Registrar General prior to your arrival at: P.O. Box N-532, Nassau, Bahamas, or fax to 242-325-8613.
  5. If either party is a minor (a person under 18 years of age), an affidavit of parental consent is required. Forms of consent may be obtained from the Registrar General's office.
  6. If either party has been divorced, the original final decree or a certified copy (with a raised or colored seal) must be produced. For European residents, the original decree or a certified copy (with a raised or colored seal) must be produced in the native language along with a translated certified or notarized copy in English.
  7. If either party is widowed, the death certificate of the deceased spouse must be produced.
  8. If either party is unmarried, for a citizen or resident of the U.S.A., a declaration certifying this fact must be sworn before a U.S. Consul at the American Embassy, Nassau, Bahamas, for a fee of $55 (effective February 1st, 1998), or a Bahamian Notary Public. (Please note, the U.S. Embassy is closed on American and Bahamian holidays.)
  9. If either party is unmarried and is a citizen or resident of a country other than the U.S.A., a declaration certifying this fact must be sworn before a Notary Public or other person authorized to administer oaths in that country and must accompany the application for the marriage license. The said declaration may also be obtained at a Notary Public in Nassau.
  10. The parties must produce either a Valid passport (stamped by The Bahamas Immigration to show date of entry into country) or a valid driver's license (with photo) plus a certified copy of your birth certificate plus a stamped immigration card from Bahamas Immigration (you receive this when you enter The Bahamas). A passport is required for persons who are residents of a Commonwealth country.
  11. The parties must produce evidence of the date of their arrival in The Islands Of The Bahamas (i.e., airline ticket, immigration card).
  12. Persons desirous of being married in a Family Island (any island outside of New Providence or Grand Bahama) can obtain the Marriage License at the Commissioner's Office on that Island and need not come to New Providence or Grand Bahama. Initial inquiries can be made at this office.
  13. No blood test is necessary.
  14. The fee for a marriage license is $100.00.
There you have the requirements for your wedding in Bahamas. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Glenn S. Ferguson is your Bahamas Wedding Officiant at Wedding Bahamas Style - Helping You To Create Your Memorable Bahamas Wedding. Just email any question you may have to or

    NOTE: Marriage licenses are issued at the Office of the Registrar General located at Apsley House #75 Freddrick & Shirley Street in Nassau, which is open to the public Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (Closed on weekends and Bahamian Public Holidays.) Registrar General P. O. Box N- 532 Nassau, The Bahamas Tel: 242-323-0595-6 Fax: 242-325-8613