Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Planning Wedding in the Bahamas Now Easier

Wedding in the Bahamas
Planning a wedding in the Bahamas is now easier thanks to two recent announced initiatives by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation in PR Newswire press release carried on various news blogs and wedding websites.

The first is a re-branding of an idea the Ministry has had in place since 2006 when it appointed Freda Madrisotti, as its Director of Romance, to head a team of dedicated tourism professionals to assist with Bahamas destination wedding, vow renewal and honeymoon planning.

These tourism wedding professionals who are located in the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism satellite offices in the USA, Canada and the UK work closely with other industry professional to ensure that the Bahamas continue to be a major player in the destination wedding and honeymoon market, actively participating in various wedding promotions like the recent Bahamas 16 Islands Wedding Invitation, a wedding contest which provided UK brides and groom the opportunity to win a wedding in the Bahamas.

The second is the new Bahamas wedding application called "Romance" on the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Facebook page, which assist person in planning their Bahamas wedding by answering the ten most frequently asked questions about planning a wedding in the Bahamas.  

The page also provides an very interactive experience on everything from getting a marriage license to researching Bahamas wedding vendors.

You can see the entire press release The Islands Of The Bahamas Make Wedding Planning Easy With Director of Romance

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Estonian's Dream Bahamas Wedding

Estonian's Dream Bahamas Wedding
An Estonian's dream Bahamas Wedding is the Day 8 feature of Bahamas Destination Wedding's Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas.

This young Estonian couple traveled more than five thousand miles just to fulfill their dream of renewing their wedding vows on a sun drenched beach in the Bahamas. And from all indication they were not disappointed and they enjoyed every moment of their short stay in the Bahamas.

Their journey to their dream Bahamas wedding started with a more than two years of planning and eventually taking the more than 10 hour plane ride to Miami Florida and the Carnival Cruise line to Nassau, via Nassau's Prince George Wharf.

The whirlwind stay in Nassau included renewing wedding vows on Nuptial Beach with Bahamas Wedding Planner and Bahamas Wedding Officiant Glenn Ferguson.  In the commenting on the trip the groom said, "It was the best adventure for us and Glenn's organization was super.”

And off course there is no way to be in Nassau and not travel to the Atlantis on Paradise Island
So be sure and visit Estonia to the Bahamas with Love and check out the feature and the photos and video.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Nassau Bahamas Wedding Bahamian Style

Nassau Bahamas Wedding
A Nassau Bahamas wedding Bahamian style is the Day 5 feature of Bahamas Destination's  Bahamas wedding 25 Days of Christmas series.

The photo shot venue for the Nassau Bahamas wedding Bahamian style was the Marley Resort located on Cable Beach. And reflect the versatility of the resort as not only a place for wonderful destination weddings but also attractive for Bahamian weddings.

It is also interesting to note that the groom is a star athlete and member of the 2008 Olympic silver metal 4x400 Meter Relay team. And for him it seem nothing but a Nassau Bahamas Wedding Bahamian style would do.

In the post the folks at Bahamas Destination Wedding are calling wedding Bahamian style, also represents the first time a local wedding has been featured in the series two year history.

In commenting on the feature, series Editor and Bahamas wedding planner Glenn Ferguson said, that "we are happy to feature this wedding as 60 percent of the visitors to our website are Bahamians, and they have made us the at the 28th most popular website in the Bahamas.  So we are delighted to be able to do this and thank Derek Smith and the folks at Impact Images and Design for providing the pictures."

Ferguson also said that they were looking forward to expanding their services in 2012 to the local wedding market and expecting the same enthusiasm as the website is receiving, " We are really a one stop shop for all wedding services, and this is possible through the strategic partnerships that we have developed with other wedding professionals. Our services include assisting with everything from the marriage applications to the honeymoon and everything in between."

So go ahead and check out this Nassau Bahamas Wedding Bahamian Style and let us know what you think.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cloisters Bahamas wedding

A Cloisters Bahamas wedding is Day 3 feature of Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas series.

The Cloisters, the French experience at the One & Only Ocean on Paradise Island in the Bahamas has been the venue for hundreds of wedding ceremonies in the Bahamas and is being recommended as a simply stunning venue for a Christmas wedding in the Bahamas

But a Cloisters Bahamas wedding is a memorable experience anytime of the year and you can use it for your wedding reception as well.

So if you are thinking about a tropical destination wedding, why not consider a Cloisters Bahamas wedding. Check out the pictures and video in - Simply Stunning Venue for A Christmas Wedding in the Bahamas

Oh and just a little advice for you, if you do decide on a Cloisters Bahamas wedding be sure and book early as this venue is in constant demand.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Wedding in the Bahamas Venue

A Christmas wedding in the Bahamas wedding venue
Day 3 of Bahamas wedding 25 Days of Christmas features the Cloisters at the One & Only Ocean Club, Paradise Island. And highlights that  simplicity and stunning appeal this location has as a venue for a Christmas wedding in the Bahamas.

Not only will the Cloisters make a exotic location for a tropical wedding ceremony but you can even use it as a wedding reception venue. And while it does not come cheap, renting at about $4,000.00 it will create memories for you and your wedding guest that will last for generations.

So if you are thinking about a Christmas wedding in the Bahamas and needing a venue then you want to checkout the pictures and video of the Cloisters at the One & Only Ocean Club, Paradise Island as featured on Bahamas Destination Wedding's Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas series - Simply Stunning Venue for a Christmas wedding in the Bahamas.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bahamas Speed Week Revival 2011

Day Two of Bahamas Destination Wedding's,  Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas series features Bahamas Speed Week Revival 2011.

This five day event marks the return of speed week to the Bahamas after a 45 years and from all indication it was a remarkable success.

The Bahamas Speed Week Revival featured some 50 vintage race cars, valued at more than $100 million  competing in time trials and racing around historic city of Nassau.

So be sure and head on over to Bahamas Destination Wedding and get a taste of Bahamas Speed Week Revival 2011

Bahamas Destination Wedding is a company in the Bahamas that specialize in wedding in the Bahamas planning service

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bahamas Wedding Getting Balearia Fast Ferry Boost

Baleria Bahamas Express
Bahamas wedding professionals on Grand Bahama are excited that Bahamas wedding could get a boost from the new Balearia Bahamas Express Fast Ferry to that Freeport.

Balearia’s 225’ Catamaran fast ferry service to Freeport, Grand Bahama will begin on December 9, 2011 and will offer daily service (excluding Wednesdays) from Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The trip which is expected to take two and a half hours, will leave Terminal 1 at Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale at 10:00 am, arriving in Freeport at 12:30 pm and departing Freeport at 7:00 pm, will certainly provide Florida couples looking to have their destination wedding in the Bahamas another mode of getting to the island.

As well as making it easier and more affordable for guest of the brides and grooms to travel to Grand Bahama for their wedding in Bahamas.  With fares staring at $49.00 and first class tickets at $90.00.

In commenting on the fast ferry service, Glenn Ferguson,  Bahamas Wedding Planner at Bahamas Destination Wedding a company in the Bahamas specializing in planning Bahamas wedding says, “we are delighted for this service and it should help in boosting the Bahamas wedding market.”

For reservations and more information visit:

Bahamas wedding 25 Days of Christmas

Bahamas Straw handbags by Dori's Creation
This is the second year that Bahamas Destination Wedding is running its month long series "Bahamas wedding 25 Days of Christmas."

The series features things that are uniquely Bahamian for the Christmas holiday along with spotlighting Bahamas wedding professionals and their favourite things for the holidays.

On Day one the series is featuring Doramae Lefleur of Dori's Design & Creation and her one of a kind handcrafted straw handbags for Christmas.

Doramae's straw handbags are a unique Bahamian gift for the holiday and you are sure to find a design that match your taste.  

So be sure and head on over to Bahamas Destination Wedding and experience what uniquely Bahamian for the Christmas. 

And there is a video featuring Doramae's collection of straw handbags for the Christmas.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bahamas amongst 10 great wedding locations abroad

Bahamas amongst 10 great wedding locations abroad as listed by the Dubai Chronicle.

The Dubai Chronicle listed its 10 beautiful locations for saying “I Do” as insights for couples who were considering getting married abroad and looking for a wedding option other than a Dubai luxury venue.

The chronicle’s list of favourite place for tie the knot featured three American States, Las Vegas at number 1, Florida at number 3 and New York at number 5.

The Caribbean was listed at number two and the Bahamas single out amongst the island to consider for getting married abroad.

The Dubai Chronicle described the islands of the Caribbean as “stunningly beautiful and offers the perfect backdrop of sun, sea and sand for a picturesque beach wedding.”

You can read the complete list and article at – 10 Great Wedding Locations Abroad

Bahamas Beach Wedding Option

And if you plan to get married soon, the Bahamas is a great place to create great and lasting memories of your wedding for your family and friends.

As the Bahamas is filled with great scenic beauty, a variety of options for your wedding ceremony and reception, with just the right romantic appeal.

Here is a video of Bahamas Wedding planner Glenn Ferguson talking about having a Bahamas Beach Wedding.

Friday, November 18, 2011

SANDALS Royal Bahamian Undergoing $20 million Improvements

SANDALS Royal Bahamian Undergoing $20 million Improvements to its guest rooms as it prepares for 2012.

Speaking about the improvement going on at the Sandals Resort located on Cable, it’s General Manage Patrick Drake, said the resort was looking forward to the opening of its refurbished 60-year-old building and further increasing its foothold on the all-inclusive market in the region.

“Everybody is going after a diminishing market,” he said. “If you’re not at the top of the stream, obviously there is no future at the bottom. At the top of the market is still where it’s at, and if you’re going to give that sort of commitment then you have to have a product to back it up.”

And Sandals Royal Bahamian is “backing it up” as the resort is hosting more than 1,000 travel agents from across the US and Canada, to a free familiarization trip to the resort.

A bet that is already paying off according to Mr. Drake, as agents who have been a part of the earlier visits are already making booking for their clients.

Sandals Royal Bahamian is also expected to benefit from the increased airlift that are now coming to the Bahamas. “With airlift coming in from so many destinations we are seeing quite a nice international mix,” said Mr Drake.

And our Bahamas Wedding Planner at Bahamas Destination Wedding are certainly looking forward to participating in Sandals Royal Bahamian weddings once the renovations are completed.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gay Concerns Rise Over Bahamas Wedding Competition Rules

Gay concerns with the Bahamas wedding promotion, Bahamas 16 Islands Invitation has led to the withdrawal of one of the judges, and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism having to clarify competition rules.

The concern resulted from the fact that in the Bahamas,  Gays are not allowed to enter into civil union while in the U.K, heterosexual couples are not allowed to enter into civil partnerships.

However, the Bahamas wedding promotion is open to “residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 and over, who are legally entitled to enter into marital/civil partnership in the UK and in The Bahamas”.  

Prompting Stephen Gray of Pink News, Europe’s largest Gay news service to say that in this case “no one would be eligible.”

The confusion has led to one of the judges and Marketing Director for Goldsmiths Jewelers, one of the promotion sponsors’ withdrawing from the competition. As the company is indicating that it did not want “to be seen to endorse an event which excluded the gay community.”

The Bahamas Tourist Office has since accepted responsibility for the error and has provided clarification that the clause had been intended to refer to a “ non-religious marriage ceremony, not a civil partnership” as stated in the rules.

A clause in the terms and conditions also stated that “it is not Bahamas Government policy to provide marriage licenses for same sex couples and therefore
same sex marriages cannot be performed.”

The Bahamas 16 Islands Invitation promotion will give 16 brides the opportunity to marry in 16 theme weddings on 16 different islands on May 16, 2012.


Glenn S. Ferguson is Resident Wedding Officiant & Bahamas Wedding Planner at Bahamas Destination Wedding a company specializing in wedding services in the Bahamas.

Email any question your questions about wedding in the Bahamas to or Tel: 1-242-327-2453 or 1-501-588-4621