Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Estonian's Dream Bahamas Wedding

Estonian's Dream Bahamas Wedding
An Estonian's dream Bahamas Wedding is the Day 8 feature of Bahamas Destination Wedding's Bahamas Wedding 25 Days of Christmas.

This young Estonian couple traveled more than five thousand miles just to fulfill their dream of renewing their wedding vows on a sun drenched beach in the Bahamas. And from all indication they were not disappointed and they enjoyed every moment of their short stay in the Bahamas.

Their journey to their dream Bahamas wedding started with a more than two years of planning and eventually taking the more than 10 hour plane ride to Miami Florida and the Carnival Cruise line to Nassau, via Nassau's Prince George Wharf.

The whirlwind stay in Nassau included renewing wedding vows on Nuptial Beach with Bahamas Wedding Planner and Bahamas Wedding Officiant Glenn Ferguson.  In the commenting on the trip the groom said, "It was the best adventure for us and Glenn's organization was super.”

And off course there is no way to be in Nassau and not travel to the Atlantis on Paradise Island
So be sure and visit Estonia to the Bahamas with Love and check out the feature and the photos and video.

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