Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bahamas wedding 25 Days of Christmas

Bahamas Straw handbags by Dori's Creation
This is the second year that Bahamas Destination Wedding is running its month long series "Bahamas wedding 25 Days of Christmas."

The series features things that are uniquely Bahamian for the Christmas holiday along with spotlighting Bahamas wedding professionals and their favourite things for the holidays.

On Day one the series is featuring Doramae Lefleur of Dori's Design & Creation and her one of a kind handcrafted straw handbags for Christmas.

Doramae's straw handbags are a unique Bahamian gift for the holiday and you are sure to find a design that match your taste.  

So be sure and head on over to Bahamas Destination Wedding and experience what uniquely Bahamian for the Christmas. 

And there is a video featuring Doramae's collection of straw handbags for the Christmas.

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