Monday, October 5, 2009

Breast cancer in The Bahamas

Breast cancer is the leading cause of both cancer illness and cancer related death amongst Bahamian women. With more than 120 news cases of breast cancer diagnosed annually and more than 1,530 women affected by the disease.

Breast cancer has been described as the most "lethal form of cancer in the world" and it is expected that by 2020 - 70% of all cases will be in developing countries. And in the Bahamas a unique genetic abnormality has predisposed Bahamian women to this disease at an early age with 34 percent of those diagnosed age 44 or younger- almost three time the rate of that in North America.

Unfortunately, almost 45% of those diagnoses were discovered in the late stages of the disease compared to around 12% in North America.

Early detection and screening can help reduce the incident of this disease so go out this month and get yourself tested and ensure that you spread the word to a many persons as possible. And if you're unable to get yourself professionally screen at lease begins doing your own personal breast examination. Knowing your body is the key to defending yourself against the ravages of breast cancer.

And be sure to make a donation to the Bahamas Cancer Society!

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