Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Wedding A Celebration of Your Style


Your wedding is a celebration of your style. Unfortunately,  with all the persons involved in helping you plan your wedding you often lose out on making it a celebration of your style.

So here are three simple things you can do to ensure your marriage really make the statement of style that you as a couple would like to send  to your family and friends.

1. Be Courteous

Believe it or not you are the  host and hostess at your wedding. So as the host it is important to be respectful of your guests and treat them the way yo as couple would like to be treated.

And one of the first things you can do is make sure you are on time.  I know that it is customary for brides to be late, but this rude. So take this opportunity to stand out from the crowd and give your guests the courtesy they deserve by simply showing up on time – at the church and at the reception.

And you also want to keep the reception activities moving at an acceptable pace without too many delays, so that your guest have the opportunity to really enjoy the event.

2. Be Considerate of Your Guest

Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, it is important to be considerate of your guest comfort. And comfort means that the chosen location is easily accessible to all with appropriate seating and temperature.

So if you are planning an outdoor event, be sure to provide shade from the sun and have a “Plan B” if the weather becomes unfavourable to continue outdoor.

3. Provide Meaningful Keepsakes

Giving your guest lasting memories of your special day is a good way to not only make your personal style to your wedding, but to get wedding talked about for years. And meaningful keepsakes are an important part of creating lasting visual reminders of your wedding day. And here are three ways that you can do that:-

Personalized Wedding Reception Table Runner


Personalized Wedding Reception Table Runner

Personalized Wedding Reception Table Runner

You can easily decorate your wedding reception with your own personal wedding table runner with your name and wedding date. printed on it And when you have finished your guest can have them as souvenirs.

Personalized Glass Vase Wedding Centerpiece

This glass vase is not only a beautiful way to decorate your wedding reception, but when personally with your names will be a memento that your guests will enjoy for years to come.

Wish Kit Guest Book Alternative


Wedding Wish Kit Guest Book

Wedding Wish Kit Guest Book

I like the special memory of this gift as it is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will your guest be able to participate meaningfully in their wishes or prayers written on that day, but will become a lasting part of marriage. And when things get a bit hard, as they will,  you have the opportunity to relax with the wishes and prayers and remember why you got married in the first place.

So go ahead and make your wedding a celebration of your style!

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