Saturday, March 24, 2012

TSA Offers Advice for Bahamas Wedding Brides

I found an article on the TSA Blog that I am sure all you Bahamas wedding brides would be interested in reading.  In it the Transportation Security Administration gives advise on what brides traveling to a destination wedding should do.  

The real relief for me was captured in the topic of the blog post “TSA Says Yes to the Dress.” As most Bahamas wedding brides are usually concern about how they are going to get their wedding dress to the Bahamas, so this was great news and useful information to have for you as you plan your destination wedding in the Bahamas.

The really good news from the TSA is that “Brides-to-be can definitely bring their wedding dress through a security checkpoint.” And what about the screening “Ideally, the dress can lay flat in its garment bag or other packaging and fit through the X-ray machine.” 

If your wedding dress can not fit through the X-ray machine, then an officer will screen the dress manually,  which will require opening the garment bag but the TSA is saying “Rest assured that our officers will use gloves for the alternate screening to avoid damaging the dress.” 
You can read all about the TSA Offers Advice for Bahamas Wedding Brides

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