Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mother of The Bride - What You Can Expect Your Role To Be As Mother of The Bride

This morning I was browsing and came across this attention grabbing headline on Today -  “Clinton juggles diplomacy, planning daughter’s wedding - Secretary of state says both roles ‘serious’, ‘stressful.’

The words ‘serious’ and ‘stressful’ really stood out to me but when I finally saw it all in context it took on a whole different meaning. Here is the context - Clinton agreed that both are "serious, important and stressful" referring to her roles as Secretary of State and mother of the bride.

While as a mother you may never be Secretary of State the likelihood of you being mother of the bride is quit real.  So I felt it was important to share with you what your role likely will be during this very happy time for your family. As the role of the mother of the bride has changed significantly over the years.

It appears that Mrs. Clinton may be playing the traditional role of mother of the bride where the mother of the bride do most of the wedding planning as she says -"Luckily we have e-mail now. I can communicate and people can send me pictures of flower arrangements or other kinds of decisions."
And if you ever get to participate in this way,  its one way of you realizing your own unrealized dreams of a fairytale wedding.

Unfortunately, these days, very few mothers are afforded this opportunity as your daughter will probably be the one doing the planning and her dream wedding may be very different from yours.
But do not despair here is what you can do to ensure that you enjoy the experience almost as much as she does:-
  • Be supportive by being a good listener and sounding board when called upon.
  • Offer to help your daughter find that wedding dress of her dreams and assist with other shopping.
  • Voluntary to help with selecting a location for the wedding and reception (can you say Bahamas).  And the honeymoon planning (... Bahamas)
  • Organize a dinner event for both families to get to know each other better.
  • Get together with the mother of the groom if possible and shop for the dresses you will wear to the wedding.
  • Be sure and discuss a budget for the wedding with your daughter and fiancé as soon as possible, so that they are clear on you and your family contribution towards the wedding.
  • Assist with preparing the guest list for your side of the family.
  • Assist with making hotel accommodations for expected guest.
  • Help by sharing the couple’s  registry with all invited guest.
  • Serve as chief hostess and protocol officer at all wedding events. Make it your role to ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible and that all of their concerns are addressed.
  • Simply be available to your daughter to perform any role that she may call upon you to do.
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